N  I  K  E    P  H  A  N  T  O  M


Golden Wolf invited me to participate in this
beautiful animation for the launching of the new
Nike’s Phantom VSN boot / "Flyknit".
I was asked to create & animate a series of symbols,
icons and letters to add details to the magic of the illusionist.


Creative Director - Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producer - Dotti Sinnott
Head of Production - Tania Baptista 
Producer - James Lowrey
Art Director - Sammy Moore
Storyboards- Gaia Lamiot, Louis Kynd
Production Assistant - Ana Hoxha 
Choreography - Sports On Screen
Background designer - Mathias Zamecki 
Layouts - Joao Lavieri 
Designer - Nick Stoney
Designer - Ewen Stenhouse
Designer - Mikhail Kalinin


Designer - Jules Rigolle
Designer - Sergio Navajas
Designer/Animator - Silvia Bassoli
Designer/Animator - Stefan Falconer
Designer/Animator - Adolfo Correa
Animator - Christoffer Kramme
FX Animator - Tim Whiting
Lead Compositor - Laurence Parsons
Compositor - Thomas Purrington
Assistant Compositor - Matthieu Landour
CGI - Analog Studio
Sound design – Echolab