This project was a proposal cover design for a contest organized by Yorokobu magazine and Volkswagen in Spain. 
The contest invited to create your own version of what a "Happy Day" means to you. 
So I wanted to represent for this cover, a playful composition adorned with beautiful spring flowers
surrounding the hidden YOROKOBU word  with textures and colors that remember
of what I feel in a perfect happy spring day.

Client: Yorokobu Magazine
Role: Art direction, Design and Illustration.

flores dibujo 1 smallflores dibujo 1 small
flores dibujo 2 smallflores dibujo 2 small
flores dibujo 3 smallflores dibujo 3 small
flores dibujo 4 smallflores dibujo 4 small
flores dibujo 5 smallflores dibujo 5 small
drawing processdrawing process
1 drawing AdolfoCorrea for Yorokobu s1 drawing AdolfoCorrea for Yorokobu s
Yorokobu FINAL Adolfo Correa HD sYorokobu FINAL Adolfo Correa HD s